This is the transcript of Dr. Holmes talk at the Beverly Theater on January 16, 1955.

This is the third of a five week series where Dr. Holmes spoke on the basic concepts of the Science of Mind.

Quote:  “Now I am going to give you a lesson in my interpretation of modern psychology and it is all right, it is what they teach, I just add other things that they don’t. We all have a right to put a little something in the soup. This is the Thing Itself we are talking about, this is the Way It Works down through us to individualize Itself. That means that all of God or all of the Id or all of the Cosmic Urge or all of the emotion and all of the feeling that there is in the universe is pushing against Itself to express Itself and come to fruition in us. Jesus put it this way, he said, “The Father seeketh such . . . the wind bloweth where it listeth. No man knoweth from whence it cometh or whither it goeth. So is everyone who is born of the kingdom.” This is what makes people dance and sing and write. It is why the desert breaks forth into bloom. Everything exists for the delight of God, the self-expression of a universal cosmic Power and that pressure is against us. It is the creative thing, what Henri Bergson speaks of in his “Creative Evolution” that whole book is written to explain this.”