This is the transcript of Dr. Holmes talk at the Beverly Theater on January 2, 1955.

This is the first of a five week series where Dr. Holmes spoke on the basic concepts of the Science of Mind.

Quote:  “Now all that I want to establish right here is this: according to the greatest thought of the ages, now that includes our Bible, if you are a Mason this is all in Masonry, if you understand Buddhism it is in Buddhism, Hinduism it is in Hinduism; it is the basic principle of every great root religion the world has ever had because it is self-evident there must be an actor, an action and a result. There must be, we will say, a seed thought, it must fall into a creative medium and produce a plant. That is why in Genesis in our Bible it starts right out by saying this is the generation of the time when the plant was in the seed before the seed was put into the ground. You see, this is seed, this is ground, this is the tree. That is, in the beginning was the word, the Spirit moved upon the face of the deep and out of the waters appears the dry land or creation.”