Nothing has happened really to human nature since Jesus walked the earth. We have made many scientific discoveries and life is easier to live, but our fundamental needs haven’t changed. It doesn’t do much good to have a washing machine in the house, or a fireless cooker, if we are still filled with worry and anxiety over what is going to happen tomorrow. There is something lacking when we are surrounded by everything that science has produced and still feel unwhole as ever.

No, our real problems haven’t changed — we merely seem to have multiplied them. There is something missing somewhere and everyone knows it, for you can hardly pick up a magazine or newspaper without finding reference to our need for God.

It seems as though we have to start allover again and find something that will really make life worth while, something that will give us such a sense of well-being that we shall no longer suffer from the fantasy of fear or the uncertainty of the future.

You and I are among those who are making this inquiry and will not be satisfied until we find an answer. But it isn’t as though the answer hadn’t been given long ago when Jesus, a Divine Presence, filled all space and all form. For one of the most startling claims of Jesus was that God is both around and within us. I suggest we give this idea consideration, for if the claim is true, then there is an answer to our problems and this answer will come when we link our individual lives with the one perfect Life which is God.

Let’s try this, then and start first with our own minds. Where did we get them? How is it that we can think? Why are we conscious? Nothing is more certain than that we never made our own minds — never created our own ability to think.