Of course, you and I know that we cannot coerce God, nor can we misuse the laws of nature. But we also know that when we use nature’s laws rightly they are ready and willing to comply with us. It is a true saying that the laws of nature obey us when we first obey them. And every advance in science. everything that has given modern life the luxury that it enjoys and the freedom; everything in the way of inventive genius and what we call the modern way of living, is a result of first learning how the laws of nature work and then complying with them so that even nature produces more for us when we cooperate with her than she did before we understood her ways.

Surely, it would be false to say that nature doesn’t wish to keep us well and whole and happy, or to believe that either nature or God is testing us to see how much we can take from life. If we followed this procedure in scientific research, we wouldn’t get anywhere, for the scientific always starts with the idea that there is much more freedom in nature than we have understood and that when we comply with her laws, we shall be liberated from a bondage that nature herself never really imposed upon us; It was imposed upon us by our own ignorance.

We didn’t think it wrong to build dams and change water courses or even seed the clouds to irrigate desert lands. And see the result. The desert was made to blossom and bear fruit. it became a Garden of Eden.

And here is something we shouldn’t overlook; Life has provided everything necessary to produce the abundant crops we enjoy. And just as soon as we complied with the laws of nature, the miracle took place. We didn’t feel that God was testing us or trying to keep us in a state of semi-starvation because the desert hadn’t yielded the fruit of the vine until we cultivated it. We took it for granted that it was a part of the whole divine scheme of things and that when we did our part, nature would do the rest.

We might have said, “Why shouldn’t God do it if we let him?” And God did do it – when we let Him. But first we had to learn how to put everything together in the right way. As a matter of fact, when we did put things together rightly, everything else was automatic. The only difference between the man of ancient time and our own time is that we have learned how to cooperate with nature.