For five continuous Sundays in August 1959, Dr. Ernest Holmes gave talks that comprised a five-part series on “You and Your Need for …”

Here are the dates and topics of that series:

August 2, 1959 – You and Your Need for Health

August 9, 1959 – You and Your Need for Success

August 16, 1959 – You and Your Need for Happiness

August 23, 1959 – You and Your Need for Love and Friendship

August 30, 1959 – You and Your Need for God

This is the PDF transcript of his fifth and final talk in the series.

One quote from the talk: “Our need of God is the need of the fulfillment of our ego in God because the reality of us is God but we have attached our ego to the exigencies of circumstances, to the vicissitudes of fortunes, to our own temperamental reactions to life and to what we think other people think about us. We dare not live under the condemnation and false judgment of a world who has brought even in science as common sense so-called to the brink of world catastrophe, we dare not. Somewhere there is something lost beyond the border, go and find it. We cannot live without God because we cannot live without our real self and our real self is God.”