For five continuous Sundays in August 1959, Dr. Ernest Holmes gave talks that comprised a five-part series on “You and Your Need for …”

Here are the dates and topics of that series:

August 2, 1959 – You and Your Need for Health

August 9, 1959 – You and Your Need for Success

August 16, 1959 – You and Your Need for Happiness

August 23, 1959 – You and Your Need for Love and Friendship

August 30, 1959 – You and Your Need for God

This is the PDF transcript of his third talk in the series.

One quote from the talk: “One of the talks at Asilomar was on justice without judgment. There is no judge but our giving is our receiving and our judgment is a judgement against us. “Who takes up the sword will perish by it.” Isn’t it wonderful at long last that since the only God you will ever meet is here and the only savior you will meet is here, the only salvation you will ever find is here but the self may raise the self by the self. Get away from the judgement and condemnation and then automatically, the insecurity will go away and the anxiety. There is nothing to be afraid of in all the universe.”