For five continuous Sundays in August 1959, Dr. Ernest Holmes gave talks that comprised a five-part series on “You and Your Need for …”

Here are the dates and topics of that series:

August 2, 1959 – You and Your Need for Health

August 9, 1959 – You and Your Need for Success

August 16, 1959 – You and Your Need for Happiness

August 23, 1959 – You and Your Need for Love and Friendship

August 30, 1959 – You and Your Need for God

This is the PDF transcript of his fourth talk in the series.

One quote from the talk: “Love is a principle in nature, everything responds to it. Friendship is the greatest gift of life, to have and to give, but it calls for flexibility. There is no fear in love and I don’t believe much in criticism. I think friendship is kind, tolerant, sees beyond the littleness to something bigger and I think love is tolerant and flexible. We are none of us as perfect in manifestation as we ought to be. It is easy enough to criticize and find fault and condemn but who is there among us great enough to rise in love, in charity thru understanding, in compassion. It takes a lot of living to discover perhaps that the man who lays drunk in the gutter is in his own way, trying to find his lost treasure, even as the one who kneels in ecstasy before the altar of his hope in adoration to the great.”