For five continuous Sundays in August 1959, Dr. Ernest Holmes gave talks that comprised a five-part series on “You and Your Need for …”

Here are the dates and topics of that series:

August 2, 1959 – You and Your Need for Health

August 9, 1959 – You and Your Need for Success

August 16, 1959 – You and Your Need for Happiness

August 23, 1959 – You and Your Need for Love and Friendship

August 30, 1959 – You and Your Need for God

This is the PDF transcript of his second talk in the series.

One quote from the talk: “Now you and I believe that we can sit in the silence of our own soul and decree a thing and have it happen providing it is in line with the nature of reality. We can’t think and have the world flattened out, therefore our thought has to be naturally consistent with the law of God but remember this, we do not have to listen to dogmatic beliefs about this, you have to prove this to yourself. You and I have immediate access to God. I am so glad that in universities they are beginning to prove this rather than in some particular religion because everybody would say, well you have to go to a Religious Science church to be saved and that is nonsense.”