But sometimes we fail to realize that there is an exact law of life which tells us that in the long run we shall only receive what we give. Suppose a person had a lot of love in his heart but refused to express it to those around him. He would soon become so bottled up with emotion that he actually would have a psychic or mental and emotional congestion.

Suppose a person were filled with joy and had no way to express it. His very joy might become a burden to him. A person filled with joy must lavish it on others. He must share it with them. In this way he multiplies his own happiness.

Life has placed at the center of every person’s being an urge to live, to love, to create, and to find fulfillment in joy, in happiness and in communion with others. Life is like a great force flowing through us, coming from a hidden source. It is the nature of a bird to soar and sing; it is the nature of a seed to burst with the gladness of its existence.

So it is with all the gifts of life that we possess. They too are here to be used. But too often we wait for some great day to arrive or some big event to transpire that we may become heroic figures in the drama of life. And just as surely as we do this we delay the day of our receiving because we have refused to give out such gifts as we already possess.

If we have but one talent we should use it. For in so doing we shall uncover other talents. And there is a talent we all possess, and that is the ability to be kind, to have an understanding heart and mind, to be tolerant and well-disposed toward others. In using this talent we need not wait for any great event, for all around us there are those who are famished for the lack of just a little bit of human affection, just a morsel of kindness, just a bit of understanding, something that will make them feel that they too belong to life.