The question is not whether there is a genius hidden at the center of your life, but whether or not you are rubbing your lamp so the genie can appear. How could all the deep wishes, hopes and aspirations of your life be there unless it were possible for them to be fulfilled? God never makes mistakes and God put them there.

There is a power in the universe and this power is available to everyone. It is the power that brought everything into being, therefore it is all power. It is not only all power but it is all presence. It pervades everything and it is at the very center of our own being.

If you wish to use this power you must believe that it actually is there and make yourself an instrument for its action. Aladdin had to rub his lamp before the genie appeared and Jesus tells us that we have to believe before it can be done unto us. This implies that you can actually think yourself into a mental position which makes it possible for the power to flow through you and out into the things you are doing. For instance, if you wish to be successful, rub your lamp with the idea of success in mind. See yourself as a success. Remove all fear and doubt and you will have connected your desire with that power which is the cause of everything.

If you say to yourself, “There is one Mind; that Mind is God,” you should also say, “That Mind is my mind now. It is now guiding and directing me, causing me to know what to do and how to do it.” This Mind is your Aladdin’s lamp and the thoughts and ideas that come to you when you rub this lamp, through faith and conviction, are the genie which appear.

The great genius of Jesus lay in the fact that he was not afraid to trust God, and because he trusted God, he believed in himself. We can well imagine that it must have taken years of patient trying to come to the place where he dared to command the wind and the wave to be still. And yet as you carefully study what Jesus did, how he thought and what he said you will be amazed at his simplicity and childlike acceptance.

For instance, he said, if you are praying for something, when you think about it (because of course, you couldn’t pray for it without thinking about it), try to accept in your own mind that it is already done unto you. It is this faith that is your Aladdin’s lamp.