In our field we are interested in spiritual mind healing. I do not consider this the most important thing we teach but I think that it is important that we should be relieved from suffering. The person who is in pain or fear naturally wishes to be released from it rightly and as quickly as possible. I do not believe that God has imposed suffering upon anyone to punish him or to teach him a lesson. To me this is stupidity and ignorance. Human beings seem to have assumed the prerogative of determining that God inflicts the suffering. When actually man appears to be responsible for his suffering through ignorance of his Divine nature. We believe that spiritual mind healing is a complement to medicine, to psychology, and to every system of therapeutics. Some day these fields will all come together for mutual benefit and effectiveness. They are nearer together now than most people realize. I have not known one single physician who would not have been glad to have had a spiritual practitioner working with his patient. I have had hundreds of them tell me this.

That is the way it ought to be because one field does not interfere with the other. However, spiritual mind treatment under right conditions can and may transcend other methods. We shall have to recognize this if we believe that we are living in a spiritual system because that is the way the Universe is organized and operates. It is a spiritual system of Intelligence acting as Law. There is One Mind and we use It. Our word is operated upon by an intelligent creativity superior to our own. Therefore, when it comes to the act of a spiritual treatment, it is a conscious declaration of our belief in a Presence whose Wisdom moves through our ideas and whose action as Law manifests them for definite purposes. There is nothing more specific than a definite spiritual mind treatment.