Let us talk about another kind of checking account which is equally important. I am calling it “Your Spiritual Bank Account” because I believe there are great spiritual forces that we can draw on and deposit in our minds which can be used in an emergency in any stress or strain of life.

Life has enough of everything and to spare. It contains love and faith and peace of mind and joy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could build up a spiritual bank account and hold it in reserve — an account which we know would be sufficient to meet any emergency in our lives? For we are always being called on to meet emergencies — times when we need more love and tolerance, more kindness and understanding, a deeper faith and a higher hope.

These are the real crises in our lives. And at such times, unless we have a vast amount of good stored up, we not only become impoverished, we sometimes become destitute of hope. And then despair takes the place of hope and fear takes the place of faith. This is what we want to avoid.

How would it be if we all opened up a spiritual account with the Bank of Life itself? And realizing that we are drawing on the Infinite, see to it that each day we are depositing enough hope and happiness and faith to more than meet any emergency that can possibly arise. The wonderful part about this proposition is that we know Life contains all these things and it wants to give them to us. It is intended by the Divine scheme of things that we should have them.

But, would we go about to open up such an account and be sure that we have enough of these qualities on deposit so that our checks will be honored whenever any emergency arises? In our ordinary affairs we know that we have to deposit money if we are going to draw checks on it. We know that the money is in a safe place and that the check will always be honored unless we overdraw the account. But in our ordinary affairs we have to earn the money. And in a certain sense this will be true of our spiritual bank account. But the earning of the supply or the substance for our spiritual bank account is a little different, for we earn the ability to draw on the bank of love only through having practiced love.