Science of Mind Archives Stores Treasures for You!

By Rev. Dr. Karen Kushner

Science of Mind Archives Board Member, Communications, and Fundraising Committee Chair
Senior Minister and Spiritual Leader, Center for Spiritual Living Princeton

I have always hated the show titled “Hoarders” because I secretly think, “There but for the grace of God, go I.” Thankfully, I have this marvelous teaching showing me that a need to hoard is created from the false belief in “lack” and I can learn to let it go.  And more thankfully, I have the Science of Mind Archives and Library Foundation to do my hoarding for me.

What a treasure trove!  My hope for the Archives is that every SOM “hoarder” (you know who you are) will someday leave their stash to it in their will! *

In the meantime, what a delight to explore the Archives website and discover what has already been donated!  Today, I clicked onto the “Shop” and then “Free!” links ( and woohoo! Found over 150 free books to order, print out and add to my personal stockpile!

Scanning just a few of these gems, I find myself delightfully inspired and ready to spend the summer reading the Wisdom of those who came before me.

The book that seemed to draw me the most tonight is “Secrets of Metaphysics” by Clarence Mayer.  Written in 1935, he says his is a “non-religious but not an ir-religious approach to metaphysics” and in it, he explains what spiritual mind treatment is and how to do it.

The biggest find in his book is his analysis and application of Spiritual Mind Treatment for so many experiences in our real world. He deals with some areas of life I haven’t seen written anywhere else.

For example, he has a small chapter about treating when death appears imminent, dealing with that tricky question, “Shall I treat for the person to continue living on the planet or treat for a perfect transition?”  Mayer writes, “When a practitioner has a case where death seems impending, he does not give up to what appears to be the inevitable, neither does he assume to know when the patient’s evolution here is finished. He begins to declare that life, the real self, is whole and complete and that it can and does express perfectly at this moment. The finite mind cannot know whether that perfection means an expression on this or the next plane. If the patient passes on despite all “heroic” efforts, we should not be dismayed.”

He draws his own diagram of our beloved SOM circle of the trinity, calling it a non-religious approach, and then another of this concept in the shape of a heart, which he calls a religious or devotional approach.

He tackles treating for business conferences, nail biting, legal disputes, house rentals, and stage fright.  His spiritual mind treatment for employment is the best I’ve seen.

I printed out Part Four, entitled “Limitation vs. Financial Freedom” to use in my Principles of Financial Freedom class.  In it, he writes, “If we accept the Infinite as our banker, we shall have unlimited credit. We must then write out our checks and draw upon Universal Supply. By so doing we shall always be able to cash in on consciousness.”

Such abundance!  All of it available to you and to me!  Thank you, Archives!  Because of what you do, I don’t have to rent a storage unit.

*Note:  Coming from the Archives’ Staff:  Please call ahead first to make sure it is not a duplicate item, fits in our collection and the Archives has space, etc.–you know, that fine print stuff!