Author: Darrell Gudmundson

The Centers for Spiritual Living® teach the use of affirmative prayer for healing and for overcoming any apparent obstacles in life. Known variously as “spiritual mind treatment”, “affirmative prayer”, “mind treatment” or simply “treatment”, this approach uses prayer as a tool of spiritual psychology.

As the understanding and exposure to this way of dealing with the issues of life grows, more and more people who are new to this metaphysical teaching are coming to affiliated Centers all over the world. There are two administrative bodies, the United Centers for Spiritual Living®, and the International Centers for Spiritual Living®. These differ only in their organization, not in the essence of their teachings.

It seems there is a need to help people who, even once they have been convinced of the advantage of obtaining spiritual assistance, still are not comfortable approaching a licensed practitioner of healing prayer. That is the purpose of this small book.

This booklet lays out the most common questions and paves the way for members of all New Thought Centers (and Centres!) to get the help and coaching that they need.

Rev. Darrell Gudmundson

I dedicate this book to the many clients I have dealt with since 1995, when I first became a Practitioner. They have led me to seek within myself and learn what I needed to know to be of help to them and others.