There is a God-power at the center of your being, a Presence that knows neither lack, limitation, nor fear. This Presence and Power is at the center of all people and all things.

You are either attracting or repelling according to your mental attitudes. You are either identifying yourself with lack or with abundance, with love and friendship or with indifference. You cannot keep from attracting into your experience that which corresponds to the sum total of your thoughts. This law of attraction and repulsion works automatically. It is like the law of reflection – the reflection in a mirror corresponds to the image held before the mirror. Life is a mirror peopled with the forms of your own acceptance or wherever a mental image is set up in it, an objective form will be created.

How careful, then, you should be to guard your thoughts, not only seeing to it that you keep them free from doubt and fear – accepting only the good – but, equally, you should consciously repel every thought which denied that good. Realizing that all action starts in and is a result of consciousness, prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer.

It is not always easy for one to control his thoughts. It is not easy in the midst of pain to think peace, in the midst of poverty to think abundance, in the midst of unhappiness to think joy. But if you do this you will meet with success.

Realizing that you may, in your ignorance, have been using the power of your mind negatively (not because you were evil but because of human ignorance, superstition and fear, which to a certain degree, permeates every man’s thought) you are not going to condemn yourself or anyone else because of this. If the light has come, the thing to do is to use it, forgetting the darkness.

When the day of enlightenment dawns, the night of darkness disappears.

Stop blaming anyone or anything – persons, circumstances or situations – for what may be happening to you. This is futile. Your accumulated thought patterns are automatically re-sowing their own seeds in the creative medium of your mind.