VI. Prayer is Mind in Action

Prayer is a thing of thought and feeling, therefore, it is Mind in action. God is Infinite Knowingness. We cannot explain creation on any basis other than that this Infinite Knowingness, moving as Law, produces form. The mathematics of this Mind must be exact.

Prayer is a movement through our consciousness upon the universe itself. It is the Law of Mind in action. Whenever our acceptance makes it possible, there will be an answer to our prayer which will mathematically correspond to the use we have been making of this Law of Mind. Jesus tells us that when we comply with the Law it is done unto us as we believe. We cannot doubt that Jesus was teaching the Law of Mind in action; the exercise of the God Power within us as a mathematical sequence of cause and effect.

Since prayer is Mind in action, we must be certain that the thoughts running through our prayers are those of exalted acceptance; of complete fulfillment, here and now.

Vll. Prayer Invokes a Mental Law

Even in divine communion we are dealing with the Law of Cause and Effect. Our prayer invokes this Divine Law and causes It to manifest in our external world at the level of our inner perception of Its working. Because this is true, prayer should always be definite, conscious and active.

When we plant a garden, we invoke the creative fertility of the soil for definite purposes; we specialize its creative action that it may fulfill specific desires. And in the greater garden of the soul, the garden of the Life Principle Itself, where we deal with thoughts and ideas as seeds, we should follow the same pattern.

We should never forget that all physical nature is merely an out-picturing of the Invisible Cause which gives rise to it. Thus we are told to make known our requests with thanksgiving. But this is also a definite state. Not only should we assume the position of a thankful receiver, we should also assume the intelligent position of one who makes known his concrete requests. “What things soever ye desire” should consciously be accepted. In this way we invoke the Law of Cause and Effect for specific purposes. In this way the Law, which is the servant of the Lord, serves us. This is Its nature. This is the will of the Divine Being.