This is the transcript of Dr. Holmes talk at the Beverly Theater on January 30, 1955.

This is the fifth of a five week series where Dr. Holmes spoke on the basic concepts of the Science of Mind.

Quote:  “The very first thing you and I ought to do is to acknowledge not only that God is all there is but that God is all we are. I am not all of God. I didn’t put the ocean out there, I didn’t put the mountains but that thing in me that sees the ocean and the mountains is God, inseparable from me. Take away my identity in God and I will have no existence. I don’t figure it can be taken away. Browning said there is a spark which a man may waste, desecrate but never quite lose. Now you might say, What has all this got to do with Religious Science in everyday life? How is this going to make my life better? Well, this is the cause of your life. It is the acknowledgment of the source which taps the source. It is the realization and faith and conviction which, as it were, puts a pipe directly from the infinite reservoir of Being through our own mind in action, that animates our act and acquaints our mind.”

NOTE:  The audio of this talk is available HERE.