This is a transcript of one part of a 5 part class that Ernest Holmes taught at the Asilomar summer conference in 1957.

Mysticism is not mystery and psychism is not intuition although many people in our field mistake these. Just as Bucke said that cosmic consciousness is an awareness of our union with the whole and the unity of the whole so mysticism is the perception of that wholeness in everything without fragments. When we use reason without fragments we would very closely approach the axiomatic reasoning of the indivisibility of the unit because there is nothing unlike it with which to divide itself and that which remains indivisible has to be a total unit and being a unit and indivisible that is what they call the perception of Omnipresence.

Let’s get this clearly in mind, mysticism is not mystery. Intuition is not psychism. Cosmic consciousness is some degree of a perception of the unity of the whole, the indivisible unity and it means the unity. Mysticism is the perception of the whole in everything and in none of these perceptions is there any degree of division at all. What I said this morning about forgivingness is true I didn’t make it up. It not only is one of the true perceptions of the ages and the mystical and intuitive perception of Jesus because it was true but it is now verified in modern science and we find them doing this.

Emerson said when in our life what is our life but an endless flight of winged facts or events in splendid variety, these changes come all putting questions to the human spirit. (Here is the wisdom in this). Those men who cannot answer by a superior wisdom these facts or these questions of time serve them. This is a very great saying. The Bible puts it another way it says, “We are the servant of the thing we obey.” Emerson said, “We see what we animate and we animate what we see.” Mrs. Eddy said, “Mortal mind sees what it believes as truly as it believes what it sees.”