Some people believe that God causes us to suffer, to see how much we can take. But you might as well say that God doesn’t want us to have electric lights, that He wants us to use tallow candles. This is too absurd to give serious thought to. We now accept that the laws of nature never change, they have always existed and when we understand and know how to use them they will serve us.

And so, many who are devoting their lives to the study of who or what is man’s worst enemy, are coming to believe that man himself is his worst enemy that after all This Thing Called Life could wish him no ill. Life seems to say: There is a right road, a good road to follow, and when you do follow it all will be well. One of the big things of modern discovery is that man really is his own worst enemy and perhaps, from the standpoint of nature, his only enemy. These discoveries are so great as to startle the imagination. Among other things, they show that it is possible, through right mental and emotional adjustment to life, to get rid of a large part of our physical ailments.

We really have a chart and a guide which shows us how to do this. But, like all charts and guides, the directions must be followed if we hope for good results. You are more than a physical body and a physical environment. As the Bible states, you are a living soul. Life has endowed you with two great gifts: your intellect and will and your emotion and feeling. And it is not possible to separate them.

You are a living soul and you have a physical body and a physical environment. The relationship between body and environment is a thing of thought and feeling, so much so that it is difficult to tell where one begins and the other leaves off. So finely adjusted is the balance between mind and body that it is impossible for a person to be well unless he is happy. It is equally impossible to live happily with others unless you know how to get along with them happily.