Now, nothing is more important than that we should know ourselves. In search of this self-discovery we naturally start with the physical body and of course, we believe in giving the body every chance to be well and healthy. We believe in proper diet and sane eating. We realize that we all need rest and relaxation. And certainly we accept the findings of modern medicine and surgery.

But nowadays we are told that it is difficult to tell just where the body leaves off and the mind begins. And many people are trying to discover just what the relationship between this elusive thing we call the ming is to this other, pretty nearly as elusive a thing, which we call the body. Psychosomatics or body mind relationship, is one of the new and expanding ideas in medicine. And I would say that of all people you and I certainly agree that we must have a happy mind if we wish to have a healthy body.

But there is still, another field that remains pretty much unknown, and that is the relationship of the spirit within us to both the mind and the body. For while we have bodies and while we have minds, we also are spirits. And, there is a spirit within us that uses both mind and body or as the Bible said, we are spirit, soul and body, which means spirit, mind and body. And there can be no doubt but if we could these three ideas together in right arrangement, we would probably get over most of our troubles.